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Jungle Gym isn't just about physical training. It's a community, a place where camaraderie and support thrive. You'll witness students encouraging and inspiring one another, forging lasting friendships along their martial arts journey.


Join us at the Jungle Gym and experience the transformative power of our dedicated martial arts coaches!

(Coach Mike, Coach Rob, Coach Brian, Coach Patrick, Coach Isaiah, Coach Sonel, Coach Tariq)

Welcome to the Jungle Gym, where our commitment to Martial Arts is unparalleled. Our team of highly skilled and experienced coaches possesses an unwavering passion for empowering individuals to surpass their own limitations and conquer new heights in their martial arts journey. With a lifetime dedicated to honing their craft, our coaches embody the true essence of martial arts and are driven by a deep-rooted desire to see their students succeed.

No matter where you are in your martial arts path, our coaches stand ready to guide you towards realizing your full potential. From beginners taking their first steps into this dynamic world to seasoned fighters aiming to refine their skills, our coaches will be by your side every step of the way. They possess an exceptional ability to understand your unique goals and aspirations, tailoring their teachings to meet your individual needs.

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Christopher Jones recommends Jungle Gym

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This is by far the best Mixed Martial arts school in existence. The instructors are the best in the industry. I have been training with The Jungle Gym martial arts school for almost two years. I'm also a combat veteran. The training I received has prepared me for real life modern day self defense. I am 56 years old and I am now in the best shape of my life. Their rates are affordable for any budget.

Anne Fitzgerald recommends Jungle Gym

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My son first joined Jungle Gym August 2017. Since we've tried it all, basketball, soccer, ice skating, swimming and lacrosse - you name it - I'm ecstatic that my son found a sport that he loves. I was initially referred by a friend after describing my son's difficulty focusing in any of the other sports we tried. Fast forward, he never misses a class. All of his coaches are mentors to him; he absolutely loves going to class. It's the first words out of his mouth when he get's off the bus..."We have MMA at..." Any given day, he knows what time class is... and reminds me by what time we need to leave the house. JG offers multiple payment options and the staff was very clear in explaining the financial and participation requirements. My son also loves Camp there! He throughly enjoyed February Camp last year and can't wait for it to start up again this year! And, he's looking forward to the Summer Camps again.

Daniel Zaccagnino recommends Jungle Gym

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Jungle Gym New Rochelle is one of the best things we've done for our kids (3 and 5). They get great exercise, learn important life skills, and have so much fun doing it. Coach Patrick and Coach Isaiah are incredible teachers, great communicators, and just good all around people. Couldn't recommend the Jungle Gym more.

Casey Dellicarpini recommends Jungle Gym

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Where l do I even start? How about this is the first gym I've ever belonged to that lasted more than three months? It's going on two years with no sign of stopping. And let's talk about the word "belong." You think you belong to your gym, but you have no idea. At Jungle Gym, you don't walk in, scan a card and use a machine for an hour. When you walk in to Jungle Gym, you're greeted by your name, people shake your hand, ask you how you are. And then you get to work. It is a gym, after all. We work out together, we finish together. Everyone encourages everyone. I'm done when you're done and if you have 10 more reps to do, I'll do them with you. (Although truth be told, you're probably doing mine with me.) This is the place you look forward to going to because you're going to get stronger.

This is a family gym. My entire family belongs: me, my husband, our children, ages 11 and 16. My kids are confident and self-aware and that is 100% due to the coaches at Jungle Gym. They command respect from the students and they get it. Every one of those kids smile at me and shake my hand when I come in. They are an amazing group of kids. And the coaches clearly love what they do. They are an amazing, dedicated group of men and women.

This is a gym where you train and learn. It's a place you want to be. Go try a class. I don't have to write another word.

Sonel Martinez recommends Jungle Gym

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What began as a search for a workout regimen soon became a "no excuse" mentality styled way of living. After taking both a striking and jujitsu class as a trial member, I immediately signed up! Jungle Gym met all my basic requirements: great coaches, intense workouts and enthusiastic training partners.

The coaches have in-depth knowledge of MMA, even using examples from UFC fights. But, because most people are prone to fight anywhere but inside the cage, coaches relate lessons to being in street environments where being on your back, or "pulling guard", can be dangerous. Coaches are also passionate and effective communicators. If ever someone has been away a long period of time, coaches, at their leisure, will call students to motivate and make sure they are okay. That being said, during workouts, the coaches are like motivational speakers! While a member for the past 2 years, I haven't had any problems with another member. Everyone is friendly, open for feedback and willing to help. Such a family a environment!

Since joining, I've gained 15 pounds of muscles, have become more confident, have been in the best shape of my life and plan to be a part of the Jungle Gym family for a very very long time!

JS recommends Jungle Gym

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Thou shall not choose a better gym.. You have friends, family, a true brotherhood..serious jiu jitsu.. This gym is legit and the only place you should be training..

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